I would like to discover the school/leisure centre offer

I would like to discover the school/leisure centre offer

I learn by having fun!

Welcome to the Mini-Châteaux Park, a world of wonder.

Our passionate and dynamic team invites you to discover its new fun and interactive educational workshops from cycle 1 to cycle 4.

Become an active participant in learning about the history and diverse characteristics of the Loire Valley. Discover our historical, cultural and artistic universe through a green park.

Construction as a source of communication, discovery of plants, fruit and vegetables, rewriting and discovery of the language of the past for an artistic and literary awakening, the Loire: the wealth of a territory, from the plan to the construction, portrait, advertisement or publicity, from feudalism to modern society. 

Educational workshops adapted to all cycles

  • Attacking the castle

    Cycle 1 - 15 to 20 students

    • 10€
      Workshop + visit

    Project: Construction as a source of communication

    Approach: The children will discover communication and their role in a group through the construction and demolition of a castle

    - Exploration of volumes and sizes

    - Representation of a construction on a different scale

    - Understanding of the different forms in creation

    - Interaction and communication, positioning of the child in a group

    - Production of a live show in collaboration and opposition

    - Action in space, time and on objects

  • Tastes and smells of yesteryear

    Cycle 2 - 15 to 30 students

    • 10,50€
      Workshop + visit

    PROJET/ découverte des plantes, fruits et légumes

    Démarche : La connaissance des végétaux s’est fait à différentes périodes historiques. Cet atelier permet d’associer les époques et le monde végétal.

    -Faire découvrir le cycle du temps

    -Introduire les différentes époques historiques et leurs caractéristiques

     -Expliquer le cycle d’une plante

     -Différencier les durées des cycles selon les espèces

    -Associer les plantes, fruits et légumes aux périodes historiques de leur apparition aux tables de France

  • From Old French to French

    Cycle 3 - 15 to 30 students

    • 11,50€
      Workshop + visit

    PROJET/ Réécriture et découverte du langage d’autrefois pour un éveil artistique et littéraire

    Démarche : Mettre en relation la langue à une époque et sa culture.

    -Associer un texte littéraire à une époque et à une œuvre artistique

    -Appréhender le texte et ses caractéristiques orthographiques, lexicales et syntaxiques

     -Impliquer l’enfant dans la compréhension d’une période historique grâce à différents supports artistiques

     -Eveiller l’esprit de l’élève à la critique, la comparaison, la reformulation et la réécriture

    -Faire transposer les œuvres historiques dans la période actuelle avec ses codes

    -L’enfant apprend l’évolution de la culture et des idées à travers différents supports

  • From the Loire to the plate of kings

    Cycle 3 - 15 to 30 students

    • 11,50€
      Workshop + visit

    PROJECT/ The Loire: the wealth of a territory

    Approach: Throughout the ages, the Loire Valley has evolved to the rhythm of the life of the river and its royal inhabitants.

    -To situate the child in time and geographical space

    -Understand the traces of history; the people at the heart of a territory

     -Understand the evolution of the territory, through its economic and social life: a sign of the wealth of a country

     -The opening up of the Loire Valley to Europe and the world; a contribution of knowledge and diversity

     -The evolution of royal dishes, the result of European and global exchanges 

  • Jewels of the Loire Valley

    Cycle 3 and 4 - 15 to 30 students

    • 12,50€
      Workshop + visit

    PROJECT/ From plan to construction

    Approach: A castle is the result of a construction based on a plan.

    -Understand the link between a plan and a construction, plane geometry at the service of volume

    -Use the notions of scale

     -Understand symmetry and perspective

     -Enhance their technical geometric and architectural vocabulary

     -Find your bearings on a plan and understand space

    -Use mathematical notions to raise the construction

  • The image in power

    Cycle 4 - 15 to 30 students

    • 12,50€
      Workshop + visit

    PROJECT/ Portrait, advertisement or publicity

    Approach: The image as an object of power, a real political tool of yesterday and today

    -To question what is an image? Its technical characteristics, its message through its creation

     -What is the evolution of images as a communication tool?

     -The use of images by political power through the ages

     -Analyse an image

     -Enrich their technical vocabulary of image composition 

  • Society on the move

    Cycle 4 - 15 to 30 students

    • 12,50€
      Workshop + visit

    PROJET/ De la féodalité à la société moderne

    Démarche : La société française évolue et s’ouvre sur le monde du XIème au XVIIème siècle

    -Comprendre le début de la construction de l’Etat moderne par les Capétiens

    -Développer le vocabulaire sociétal

     -Appréhender l’évolution des territoires et des migrations

     -Analyser le rapport de force entre l’Etat et l’Eglise

     -Apporter la réflexion sur les moyens nécessaires de gestion des populations

    -L’évolution de la société vers l’urbanisation apporte l’ouverture sur le monde

    -En comprenant les enjeux de l’ouverture sur l’Europe et le monde, appréhender la richesse de ces échanges

Rates 2021

Free visit of the Mini-Castles Park 8€
Free visit of the Mini-Castles Park and the Aquarium 12,50€
Accompanying person package (unlimited number): 10€.

Practical information

 The 2021 season starts on 3 April 2021 and ends on 7 November 2021. 
 Consult our opening calendar

 From September to March, the park is open from 10:30 am to 6 pm.
 From April to June, the park is open from 10 am to 6.30 pm.
 In July and August, the park is open from 9.30 am to 7 pm.

 Planning a family picnic?
 A picnic area is available in the car park and under a large pergola inside the park with tables adapted for people with disabilities. 

 The car park is free and accessible during the park's opening hours.


Tips for visiting

How long does the visit last on average? 
The self-guided tour lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours.

How can I avoid waiting at the ticket office? 
To avoid waiting at the cash desk: remember to book your tickets online!

What will my visit look like?
Download the visit plan

Can I bring my pet?
Pets are not allowed in the park. Only guide or assistance dogs are allowed in the park.

How tall do I have to be to ride the attractions?
You must be at least 90 cm tall to ride the attractions. The rides are for children only.

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