• Château royal d'Amboise

Château royal d'Amboise

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The castle of the Italian Renaissance

Since the Neolithic Period, the Châtelier promontory served as the perfect observation point over the confluence of the Loire and one of its tributaries, Amasse. This site dates back to the Iron Age and oversaw hand-crafted production and business dealings. The city became the primary city to the Turones, a tribe which took its name from the future province of Touraine. Whereas since the reign of Francis I, the Court, spent holidays at Fontainebleau and Louvre, Amboise remained a residence to sovereigns right up to Henry II. The present building is only one-fifth of the "palace" built by Charles VIII. It was persistently abandoned and was subjected to multiple demolition plans.

  • Indre et Loire - Amboise
  • Renaissance
  • 1,000 hours of work

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